A Slightly Terrifying Photo Story!

Listen, I know I just posted on FB that I was going to get you a new blog post asking you to answer three really-hard-but-actually-pretty-simple questions. This is not that post. I swear that one is coming; I’ve been writing it in my head for like the last 3 days. You’ll love it when it’s done.

But I started getting a little lost in FB, going through some old photos…you know, dicking around and not being productive. And I thought it was high time I fully horrify and embarrass myself with a little photo story. Fun!

So, if you’ve been reading, you know my story: not always a fat person; high school anorexia, college bulimia, yadda yadda yadda…had some kids and got fat.

Here’s what I looked like back in the days of high school, at a pretty good place when I was actually exercising regular and eating like a normal person:


Obviously, I carried much of my weight in my spectacular 1991 hair.

College graduation, spring of 1996.


This was around 2000…shortly after getting married, about a year before I got pregnant with Cooper.


Let’s not belabor this. I’m going to stop stalling, because you don’t need to see a million pictures with lame comments like, “Here I am after losing 10.25 lbs 3 months after Cooper was born,” or “This pic shows me at the exact midpoint of my highest and lowest weight within the 2 year period following the birth of my second child.”

I’m just going to get this over with. This is a picture of me at my absolute heaviest, and sadly, it was taken at my younger brother’s wedding. As you can imagine, I didn’t allow many pictures of myself, and I wish I didn’t look this way in the photos associated with his wedding. It was a great day; they got married in Vegas and…STOP STALLING, NASH!!! Okay, here’s the damned picture:




So, there it is. That photo is from fall of 2009. I would remain that heavy for another 8 or 9 months before deciding that I really needed to get my shit together. That’s when I found my current trainer and started working up to now. There have been stops and starts along the way, but I’ve made good (albeit slow) progress.

The triathlon photos on my homepage are pretty outdated–I did that in September 2010. I need to start taking some action shots and videos during my workouts so I can create a more current masthead for this blog.

Anywho, to move on with the photo journey, here’s an example from April 2011; making some progress and feeling a little better about myself:


And, below on the left is September 2011, and on the right is April 2012 (a few weeks after I started eating clean again after many months on “hiatus.”)


It is clear to me that my stylist keeps cutting my hair just a little bit shorter every time I go. And also, that I have a goofy smile before an early morning workout. But I digress. The changes in these 2 are subtle…a little less around the middle in the April photo.

What’s the point in all this? Well, fasten your seatbelts, because here it is: Slow progress is progress. Even painfully slow progress is progress. While the difference between the two photos above (last September and early this April) is not huge, it’s there. And over time, the slow progress really does result in MAJOR changes. Like this:


I can’t wait to add more to this montage and see the progress continue. Gotta stick with it! Change happens when you keep working. Let’s do this thing!

4 thoughts on “A Slightly Terrifying Photo Story!

  1. Steph – you crack me up! You always make me smile whether it’s 5:30AM in the morning or 10:30PM (while I’m reading your blog). You are such an amazing person and I love how you’re putting yourself out there to show everyone the struggles you face and how to overcome them! You have made so much progress and I know that will continue. Thank you for your inspirtation and contagious, amazing spirit!

    • Oh, Jenny, thank you SO much! I just got a little teary. šŸ™‚ it’s so amazing to have support and encouragement from so many awesome people like YOU!! What will I do when school starts again and you’re not in all my early morning classes anymore? šŸ˜‰

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