Photo Fri—er, Saturday. Without photos. I guess this is kind of a fail.

OK, so I’m a day late.

And I don’t have a workout picture because I didn’t actually work out yesterday.

In fact, it’s been a week since I worked out because of being sick, which, inexplicably enough, has culminated in my having an oozy and disgusting ear infection.

Here’s the kicker: I am 38 years old and I have never once in my life had an ear infection before. But now I have one. And it hurts, and it is gross, and I think it is kinda throwing off my balance as I am having bouts of dizziness. Did I mention that it is gross? Blech.

So, yeah, today I have to rendezvous with the Urgent Care Clinic instead of the deadlift bar.

As far as a goal check in, I guess I would say the “progress” I’ve made this week is in understanding that I have to re-evaluate my nutrition plan. Like I said before, I don’t think I’m eating enough of the right foods, and I’m definitely having an issue with iron deficiency. It made me weak and lame all week. And feeling powerless sucks. So I’m working on getting that shit in order so I don’t stunt my progress in the long run.

In the meantime, I would like to note my awesome and amazing friend Meaghan–who I will write a Profile in Badassery for when she lets me–has committed to going through the Photo Friday journey with me.

I’ll be posting Meaghan’s photos (and yours, too, if you want to join us!) on the FB page every week, along with mine. That is, when I have pictures of me. Which I don’t this week. (I did consider taking a picture of my disgusting ear, but figured you wouldn’t appreciate that too much.)


4 thoughts on “Photo Fri—er, Saturday. Without photos. I guess this is kind of a fail.

  1. After years of feeling sick and shitty taking assorted pills, I am now taking Flintstone’s children’s vitamins for my iron deficiency (OK, full blown-I should probably get a blood transfusion-anemia) and it’s helping and I don’t feel sick. One in the morning, one at night.

    And THANK YOU for not photographing your ear seepage. Just, thank you.

    • Yes, I unfortunately made a tactical error and took my iron pill on a somewhat empty stomach yesterday. I will definitely not be making THAT mistake again.

      P.S. You love ear seepage.

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