I swear I’ll get better at Photo Friday.

Oh hi! Here’s a quick and dirty recap…I know I’ve been MIA for 2 weeks.

  • Blizzard. Bodyology closed for nearly a week. 3+ feet of snow to eat my way out of. And I did. More on this in a full-out post I’m working on.
  • Work stuff…made a hard decision that I wasn’t sure about and then got rewarded for it. Another post-y post for you to look forward to.
  • Mr. Badass had a birthday. Then it was Valentine’s Day. Then we had a no kids overnight (bow-chica-wow-wow!). Lots of fun, lots of splurges. See bullet #1.

So with all this, I am behind on Photo Friday, but just got all caught up on the FB page. Including a new friend brave enough to share her pics. Way to go, Tracy!

Here’s me, just this morning, posing with my dear friends the Rogue boxes. It’s been awhile, but I owned those bitches today.

me on feb 22

Sorry for the drive-by…I pinky swear I’ll be back to my 2 weekly posts next week.

And special thanks to awesome badass Meaghan for faithfully sending me her photos every Friday. She is my rock.

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