The Comeback Kid

February sucked. First I got the flu and then pneumonia and it lasted pretty much all month. A month of misery, stuck in my house, leaving me depressed and with a serious case of cabin fever. I missed my workouts. I missed spending time with friends and doing fun stuff with my family. I missed properly celebrating my husband’s birthday. I missed my regular life.

Being sedentary and miserable for a month led me to my old habit of using food as a comfort. My nutrition was horrible, and in that month I gained 10 lbs.

When I finally returned to the gym it was not great. I was winded easily and not nearly as strong as I had been. How easy it is to lose strength and gain weight in the space of a month. And of course my unhealthy eating didn’t help.

It took me a good 2-3 weeks of training, easing back in, to even start to feel like myself again. I have been particularly disappointed with my push-ups, which I had previously prided myself on. I was *almost* to my goal of doing 30 consecutive push-ups, and when I came back I could barely do 10 with decent form.

Today was different, though. Push-ups were in the workout and even though I felt like my performance with them was weak, my coach Hillary came over and told me how awesome my push-ups had been looking. She challenged me to add a 10 lb weight on my back and I thought, “No way I can do this. I already have an extra 10 lbs on my body and now she wants to add another 10 lbs?”

But I am not one to back down to a challenge so even though I was facing self-doubt, I let her put that weight on my back.

And I did it.

They were not perfect push ups, but I did it…not just for that round, but for the rest of the workout.

I surprised myself this morning, and I am grateful to Hillary for throwing down the challenge and pushing me further than I thought I could go.

At the end of my training this morning, I decided I was going to work harder than I had been working before I got sick, and get even stronger than I had been before. I just have to dig deeper and commit. I will push myself to do more than I think I am capable of, because I can do hard things.


I will not let this setback hold me back. I will lose that 10 lbs and meet my goals.

Look out, 30 push-ups–I’m coming for you.