Oh, hi.

I’m Stephanie, a forty-something mom, wife, survivor of abuse. I’m a blogger (obviously), a marketer, and at times a thinker of deep thoughts. I like to think of myself as a sometimes superhero with addictions to coffee, Diet Coke (really trying to kick that one), and Disney vacations (pretty sure I’ll never want to kick that one.)

I work full time as a marketing strategist in the education industry, and I also work full time trying to be the best partner I can to my husband and chauffeuring my two too-old-to-believe-they-are-this-old kids and aiming to keep my house relatively clean and not an utter disgrace at least part of the time and make sure the multitude of pets in our home don’t starve or get lost or whatever. In fact, I should probably go fill the cat food bowl right now and let the dog out one last time before bed. And did I pay that bill? And don’t I need to make some kind of doctor appointment for someone? Anyway…

I have thoughts. I have opinions. I have stories to tell. I may or may not have a few cookies or a cupcake while I tell them. Or some chicken breast over spinach, depending upon the day and my mood.

On any given day, I might write about my kids, my husband, my latest workout or my thoughts on the meaning of life. I write about gratitude and friendship and how I try to be more kind and joyful. Maybe just as often I write about things that annoy or scare the shit out of me. Balance.

You might as well know that I throw some spicy language out at times and I try not to pull any punches. I don’t suffer self-pity well, most especially from myself. I try to take responsibility instead of making excuses, and most of the time I get that right. MOST of the time.

I’m working on loving my body. It is strong and fit, although you wouldn’t know it to see me. And I am good with that, most of the time. Like, 80% of the time I am mostly successful at not hating on my body. I’d like to increase that percentage.

In general, I’m pretty cool right now, but I’m always working to make sure I am the best possible version of Steph I can be.

So welcome! Let’s have some fun.

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