I swear I’ll get better at Photo Friday.

Oh hi! Here’s a quick and dirty recap…I know I’ve been MIA for 2 weeks.

  • Blizzard. Bodyology closed for nearly a week. 3+ feet of snow to eat my way out of. And I did. More on this in a full-out post I’m working on.
  • Work stuff…made a hard decision that I wasn’t sure about and then got rewarded for it. Another post-y post for you to look forward to.
  • Mr. Badass had a birthday. Then it was Valentine’s Day. Then we had a no kids overnight (bow-chica-wow-wow!). Lots of fun, lots of splurges. See bullet #1.

So with all this, I am behind on Photo Friday, but just got all caught up on the FB page. Including a new friend brave enough to share her pics. Way to go, Tracy!

Here’s me, just this morning, posing with my dear friends the Rogue boxes. It’s been awhile, but I owned those bitches today.

me on feb 22

Sorry for the drive-by…I pinky swear I’ll be back to my 2 weekly posts next week.

And special thanks to awesome badass Meaghan for faithfully sending me her photos every Friday. She is my rock.

Photo Friday! For realz!

So, you all know how I feel about snow-driving…my personal kryptonite. And I made a choice not to work out this morning to avoid another situation like this . Yes I learned an important lesson that day, but I still see no reason to repeat the experience.

BUT!! Knowing that I committed to weekly photos and that I royally screwed the pooch on that commitment last week, I very wisely had a friend take a dorky post-workout photo yesterday in anticipation of my crippling fear of snow-driving.

So here it is!!!


Photo Fri—er, Saturday. Without photos. I guess this is kind of a fail.

OK, so I’m a day late.

And I don’t have a workout picture because I didn’t actually work out yesterday.

In fact, it’s been a week since I worked out because of being sick, which, inexplicably enough, has culminated in my having an oozy and disgusting ear infection.

Here’s the kicker: I am 38 years old and I have never once in my life had an ear infection before. But now I have one. And it hurts, and it is gross, and I think it is kinda throwing off my balance as I am having bouts of dizziness. Did I mention that it is gross? Blech.

So, yeah, today I have to rendezvous with the Urgent Care Clinic instead of the deadlift bar.

As far as a goal check in, I guess I would say the “progress” I’ve made this week is in understanding that I have to re-evaluate my nutrition plan. Like I said before, I don’t think I’m eating enough of the right foods, and I’m definitely having an issue with iron deficiency. It made me weak and lame all week. And feeling powerless sucks. So I’m working on getting that shit in order so I don’t stunt my progress in the long run.

In the meantime, I would like to note my awesome and amazing friend Meaghan–who I will write a Profile in Badassery for when she lets me–has committed to going through the Photo Friday journey with me.

I’ll be posting Meaghan’s photos (and yours, too, if you want to join us!) on the FB page every week, along with mine. That is, when I have pictures of me. Which I don’t this week. (I did consider taking a picture of my disgusting ear, but figured you wouldn’t appreciate that too much.)


How about a photo Friday?

New levels of accountability: posting a photo every Friday! I hope some of you will join me–post your photos every Friday on the FFG FB page.

Here’s the Part of the Blog Where I Share a Picture Just Taken This Morning:

(after getting my ass kicked during Circuit Blast)

Samm made me laugh.

Samm made me laugh. But the workout was no joke.

So Circuit Blast is a little insane, especially after the workout I did yesterday morning at 6am, which included a total of 32 pullups. Which is a pretty big challenge for me. But I did it and am feeling it today for realzzzz…definitely making today’s workout that much tougher.

It’s 45 second strength intervals (stuff like trap bar deadlift, push press, TRX rows, pushups, pullups, chinups) followed immediately by a 20 second metabolic interval (burpees, high knees, climbers) then 15 seconds “rest” before the next strength station. 16 stations total.

Of course I put “rest” in quotes because it’s barely enough time to stop gasping.

Along with my weekly photo, how’s about a little goal check-in too?

The Part of the Blog Where I Update You On My Progress Toward Goals:

Reduce bodyweight goal:

Well, I kinda refuse to weigh myself that often, and I haven’t yet. I will NOT judge myself by a number on the scale…but I do need to reduce. So I’ll be weighing myself maybe once a month to check progress in a healthier way than scale obsessing on a daily or weekly basis. (PSA: if you obsess over the scale, please stop. It is kinda bullshit.)

But I have been training hard and eating clean about 85% of the time, and I know those are the steps I need to take to reduce. So I’m feeling good that there’s progress happening there.

Strength goals:

  • Pushups: Today I did 15 consecutive pushups at the end of a workout that really challenged my tired body. Considering in the past I would squeak out maybe 10 in a 45 second interval–probably with multiple 1-5 second “breaks” (lame)–I feel like this is solid progress.
  • Deadlifts: I definitely pushed myself on deadlifts this week, and pulled more than I have in the past for the amount of reps we did. (Thanks to encouragement from some awesome partners! Shout outs to Meaghan and Kathrin!) Still not sure what my max is, and hoping we’ll be doing that soon enough so I can get more specific on this goal.
  • Pullups: See above. Definitely feeling good about progress here.

Endurance/Metabolic goals:

Technically this goal isn’t really in the forefront right now, as I want to build strength NOW and then work more on endurance in the 3 months before the Mudder.

However, I did count my burpees during the intervals today and made sure that I did as many on my last round as I did my first round. So I have an idea of where I am now and will continue to track these types of things so I don’t stagnate during this time that I am more focused on strength.

So talk to me, peeps. Share your photos. Update me on YOUR progress towards goals. Let’s hear it.